Who will flip out over these?

Introducing the Fit Flop Aurelia:

When I saw these shoes I thought it was a joke. Then I saw them in the latest InStyle magazine and I knew it was no joke! Apparently, flip flops are bad, fit flops are good. Several blogs I have read have talked about fit flops and Bath and Body Works pushes them in all of their ads. But these are gladiator fit flops! I can't even imagine how much they weigh. And who would they look good on? They sort of look like ankle weights (which I have been know to wear at work in heels).

And there are MORE styles if you don't like the gladiator look!

The Fit Flop Aurelia is a sandal that allows you to workout without actually hitting the gym.

Other benefits include:

  • Better blood flow in the lower limbs

  • More efficient use of energy.

  • Longer stride with correct rolling action.

Did I mention the Aurelia costs about $150? No doubt we will see Katie Holmes in them soon. Speaking of Katie Holmes...see my next post.

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