Oscar is no Jonathan!!

Jonathan Antin

Ok, for those of you who don't know, I love Jonathan products. I love DIRT by Jonathan. I should have know better than to stray from Johnny.

Recently, I got talked into buying a pomade by some cute Sephora sales guy. His hair was so modern and hip, he used a flat-iron for goodness sakes! How could this guy be wrong? It's called commission I believe. The product he talked me into buying was Oscar Blandi Tocco Finale Sculpting Pomade.
My friend Carol tried it first. The first day she came to work with flat hair. Second day, oily hair. Third day she came in with out of control hair! I begged her to give me the product and allow the expert to try it. I assured her that she didn't know how to use pomade and she needed a hair cut and something else I can't remember. Let's just say she didn't talk to me the rest of the day.

So, little Miss Moody tried it and ......bad hair day. Ok, it must just be the humidity. It can't be that this very expensive pomade didn't work! Well, after 4 days of giving it a try, I realized the product wasn't that good and we were out of luck. So much for trusting boys who use flat irons.
Skip the Oscar aisle at Sephora and head straight to Jonathan. He won't let you down. Oh, and sorry Carol. I owe you a pomade.

According to the website:

This oil-free sculpting mud adds shape, definition, and texture to any style. Formulated with herbal extracts, minerals, wheat proteins, and sea algae, this weightless pomade not only functions as a styling aid, but also will sculpt your hair back to good health. It's the perfect tool to mold your hairstyle into a sexy, tousled masterpiece.

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RCS said...

Thanks for the tip, MM!

Has Carol forgiven you yet?!!

P.S. I shall request a release form before you utilize me and my product foibles in any of your blogs! :)



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