Babies Love Beauty Products Too

I finally found a baby wash that I feel passionate about again! I used to love a moisture milk wash that Johnson and Johnson made and discontinued. I found it at Big Lots once and literally bought 15 bottles. I gave a few to my very best mom friends and then used it all up on my boys. Little did I know, the lotion doesn't go as quickly and I still own about 12 bottles of that! My hubby told me to resist buying any baby lotion until I am down to 1 bottle.

When I ran out of the baby wash, I was off to Target to find a new one. I was surprised at what a small selection they have for Target. I finally settled on this one (Bedtime Moisture Wash) and I love it. The smell is angelic and the bubbles are toddler approved! When bathing the boys, I have to hide the baby wash so they don't go crazy with it.
If you are in need of a new baby wash or you are going to a baby shower soon, this wash will do. I can't imagine that you wouldn't like it. My two year old has sensitive skin and it didn't have any negative results on him.

Here is some information on it:
Johnson's® has created a nightly routine so you can help your baby go to sleep better. Before bed, treat your baby to a warm bath using Johnson's® Bedtime Moisture Wash™, then gently massage skin with Johnson's® Bedtime Lotion®. Each product releases NaturalCalm™, a patent-pending blend of gently and soothing aromas. Then help your baby wind down to drift off to a better night's sleep. Johnson's® Bedtime Moisture Wash™ contains nourishing emollients and gentle cleansers to help soften baby's skin. Plus, it has our exclusive No More Tears® formula and is clinically proven mild, allergy tested and formulated to keep baby's skin feeling soft.


Mel's Mom said...

Now this is something I'm an expert in. I LOVE this baby wash, I can't even get myself to go back to the "old" scent.

I also use the Target brand, the bottle is a lot bigger and I think the quality is exactly the same.

Anonymous said...

i love this baby wash too! it's the only kind i will wash hailey with. the original scent smells too much like chemicals!


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