Good hairspray for everyone but you

Pantene Texturize! Ultimate Texture Hairspray Ultra Hold, Aerosol

I found it girls! I found the perfect hairspray for producing Helmet Head! This stuff is stiff, sticky and holds all day. Be warned, do not touch your hair or you will immediately get worried that you need a deep conditioning treatment at your local salon or in the privacy of your own bathroom. Seriously, my hair felt like straw when I used this.

I admit it, I can be cheap at times. I thought, "how bad can it be?" It really is as bad as you would think a $4.39 hairspray should be. No offense if you use Suave or another drugstore brand and love it.

Now you are asking yourself, "did she keep it?" Of course I did! Halloween is just around the corner and you never know, I might get cast in a Spackman/Colvin production and need really good hairspray for my role.
And what happened to Elnett in the US???? L'Oreal is really disappointing me. Please someone email me and tell me where to find this in Arizona, San Francisco or Houston.

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