Bamboo Brush, a gift from Mother Nature

Olivia Garden Ceramic Ionic Thermal Brush

Anyone who knows me knows that bamboo is my passion! I love bamboo towels (from The Company Store), bamboo clothing and bamboo makeup brushes. When my hair stylist, Sierra, mentioned that she had some new bamboo hair brushes, I was all over it! The brushes she showed me were made by Olivia Garden. I fell in love with them right away and chose the second size down from the largest.

After I left the salon, I was so excited to have another hairbrush. It is that feeling of, "maybe this will be the one." I had to quickly hide it from my hubby since I already own about 5 roller brushes. Into the beauty cabinet it went, as the five hairspray bottles tumbled over. I really should organize it someday. Maybe I can get some tips from Aby over at Creative Organizing.

Later that evening, I decided to get a little crazy and style my hair after my evening shower (who does that?). After I was done, wow! Did my hair look good! The brush was smooth and didn't get tangled in my hair and the handle was perfect and didn't slip. I also appreciated the ion-charged bristles that seemed to dry my hair faster. As a mom, you can always appreciate a few saved minutes on your primping time.

This brush is awesome and I would highly recommend it for anyone. My hair length is above the shoulders and I found the second size to be a little big. I am currently growing out my hair so I wanted to invest in the size I will use next year. I think I will also buy a smaller size so it works better on my shorter hair.

This brush is eco-friendly with natural bamboo, has ion-charged bristles, ceramic coating for anti-static, an ergonomic handle and is anti-bacterial. The brush is also very light which I liked.

If you would like to buy one of these brushes, they can be found online at You can also buy one at Studio S in Tucson or call Sierra and tell her I sent you!


Lora and Mike said...

eCome visit me and our new The Container Store down the road to get your bathroom cabinet(s) organized. :)

Too cute how you styled your hair before going to bed!

Jenna Marquez said...

I love Olivia Garden brushes. I was so excited when they came out with the bamboo handles. My absolute fave is this one:

Jean said...

I agree Jenna. Mine is a little big. I need to get a smaller one too. You can never have too many brushes!

Anonymous said...

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