Minty Fresh Lips

Do you ever want to grab for some minty gum right before you go into the grocery store only to find you don't have any in your purse? You check your secret compartment in your car and it's nowhere to be found. Surely you have some lipstick though. Wouldn't it be nice to combine the two? That is what Covergirl has done with Wetslicks Amazemint.

This is a version of their Wetslicks lip gloss except it is infused with the minty flavor of Crest toothpaste. At first, I was a little sceptical to use this crazy combination. I applied it and this is what I experienced: minty flavor, glossy lips and a little tingle. I actually felt like the tingle might be my lips being magically plumped up a bit. I actually liked it. I got it in #655 toasted kermesse and it was just the right amount of color over my Covergirl Coverstay. I know you aren't supposed to wear real lip gloss over Coverstay but I like to break the rules!

Would I buy it again? I wouldn't run out and buy more colors of this lip gloss until I am done with the first one. It is fun to use and makes you feel refreshed, but at the same time, a piece of gum might just help a little more.
Do you have a favorite lip gloss? Let me know in the comments what it is.


Mel's Mom said...

My current favorite (because my favorites change constantly) is Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss.

It's SUPER glossy...not good for windy days and long hair.

But I've also been known to partake in some good old fashion Lip Smackers lip gloss in a mocha or coffee flavor. Yum!

Jean said...

Lip smackers - haven't tried those in awhile! Brings back memories. Thanks for the tip!

Lora and Mike said...

Hi Jean!

This post reminds me of my favorite lip gloss--C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint.

It's got a great peppermint flavor/scent, and a light tint. I usually find it at B&BW.

Jean said...

Thanks lora! I will have to give that one a try too. I love bath and body works and we just ran out of the antibacterial soap that you gave me for my birthday (via g.c.). It just so happens to be on sale now too :) Jean


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