You give M O M a bad name!

Attention Moms!Please don't EVER, EVER wear these jeans. I don't care if they are on sale at the Gap for $9.99 right now. Please don't waste the money. Please don't wear them camping, or to Moab, or to Walmart or to the school just to pick up your kids really quickly. They are so bad and really not flattering!!! I didn't know these still existed.

Classic jeans
available in petite/tall
High-quality stretch denim. Sits at the waist, relaxed through the hip and thigh, slightly tapered leg opening. 5-pocket styling. $9.99

And by the way girls - JEANS DON'T LIE.

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Mel's Mom said...

Mom Jeans....AHHHHH. I thought those things were banned in the 80's. Bad, bad, bad! I heard colored jeans were coming into style again too...can you confirm this?

I vow to never wear the MOM jeans...or colored jeans for that matter!


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