Katie is sporting a short do.

Katie got a haircut. It's all the talk in NYC. She is there to make her debut in the upcoming Broadway play, All My Sons. Previews begin on September 18, 2008 at NY’s Gerald Schoenfeld Theater, and the play will open on October 16 and run through January 11, 2009.

I think she looks really cute. The cut is not only trendy, but easy and very different from the Posh blunt cut. I think Katie is just trying to make a statement that she is cutting edge too. After all, Posh is the one who brought her over to the dark side of the fashion world. Before that she was just cute little Katie from Dawson's Creek.

Do you think other stars will follow soon? It is a hard cut to pull off.


Mel's Mom said...

I think you're right...it's a really hard cut to pull of, so I'd be very surprised if other stars followed suit.

Katie seems to be pretty blessed in that any way she wears her hair she looks great.

However, with this cut, it seems like she's getting more and more Victioria Beckham everyday.

Jean said...

I guess I would have to agree! Thanks for the comment. Jean


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