Why to Wear Makeup to the Gym

In high school I ran in cross country. We had to be at practice at 6am each morning in the month prior to the school year starting. This meant that we had to get up early and couldn't sleep in on our last month of summer. Most kids complained and showed up with bedhead and bloodshot eyes. I showed up smiling with my lipstick on! My mother never let me leave the house without makeup and why should running practice be any exception? After all, my high school boyfriend was there and so were about 15 other boys. But I didn't do it for them. I did it for the girls. They called me the "lipstick queen" and I couldn't let them down.

That is some background information on why I wear makeup to the gym. Now for the top reasons I think you should wear makeup to the gym. And I am not talking lip balm with a light color or Carmex. I mean full-on makeup!

How the makeup should look: The natural look consisting of light lips, light foundation (not heavy and very little powder if any), natural eyes and light mascara, and a tad of blusher. And don't forget the eye drops and chewing gum.

Now I am sure some of you will say:
- We are there to workout, not look good.
-We don't want to sweat our makeup off.
- We don't want to stain our towel.
- We don't want people to stare, make fun or point.
- We don't want to make our spouses suspicious.

Well, hopefully after reading my reasons you will be convinced to wear makeup to the gym or at least think of me before you go. Then if you see someone you know or one of these examples happens to you , I can say a little cyber, "told you so!"

Gym Marketing Materials
Where do you think the gym gets its pictures for bulletin boards, their website or their marketing pamphlets? From ordinary people who happened to show up that day. That lucky day when you too can be in a Canyon Ranch brochure (as I was in 1994). It's called right place at the right time people.

Future Boss
Did your mother ever teach you to be friendly to everyone at work and not burn bridges? The same rule applies at the gym. You might be working out to get pumped up for an interview you have that day. Do you realize that your future boss might be on the treadmill next to you? Do you really want to be pale, sickly and have bad breath? I swear you won't get the job if that's you! But if you are a pleasant looking person and friendly, they might just remember you later in the day.

First Impressions
This applies to the previous reason but I will include it as well! When you attend a gym near your home or work, you will constantly meet people that you will interact with on a daily or weekly basis. Please make a good first impression so that down the road, when you do need help or a good connection, they are there for you.

This is the lamest reason to wear makeup to the gym, but it counts for all you single people out there. I don't need to go into details, but the pretty girl always wins.

Self Esteem
When you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you will work out longer and take more pride in your body. If you have a good day at the gym, it's likely you will be back for more tomorrow. Working out is the best thing you can do for your mind and body. The worst thing you can do is not show up!

I don't care what you say... Oprah could show up at your gym. I live in Arizona and she shows up here each year to stay at a local health spa. You never know if she wants to do a story on your gym or someone in your gym. Hey - it happened to the yogurt shop in town. This couple owned a local yogurt shop and they almost fell over when Oprah stopped in with her crew! Don't tell me that wouldn't be the best day of your life (ok maybe not) and you didn't have makeup on?? Get out the lip gloss girls, Oprah's coming to town.

Local News Stations
Local news channels do stories on gyms all the time. I see stories on gyms and what type of exercises to do and what trainers teach you, blah, blah, blah. Wear some makeup and they will want to interview you! Shy you say? I don't care. If you are the only person in there, they will talk you into being on tv. Don't waste your 15 seconds of fame looking like you just crawled out of bed.

Ex-Boyfriends, Old friends, Old teachers, Old Bosses
With a limited number of gyms in your town, you are going to run into people you never thought you would see again. There is nothing you can do about who comes to your gym, but can you take a little pride and slap on some Covergirl? It's really not that hard. No matter what, they will be blogging about you later that night and you don't want to outcome to be harsh. I almost see a new person every time I go the gym. It is seriously a high school reunion.

Facial Routine
Hopefully wearing makeup to the gym will make you go home and wash your face and reapply your wrinkle cream. Hopefully it will make you be more aware of your skin and how delicate it can be.

So, there you have it. This is why you should wear makeup to gym. This was all for fun, but I hope it will at least get you thinking about looking and feeling good about yourself. Get to the gym or walk or do an exercise tape. Do anything to get started. Because when you feel good on the inside, it will shine through and the less makeup you will have to wear.


Amina said...

interesting reasons.
I never understood ladies who wear make up at the gym and when they work out..
i used to be in an all-women gym and it was beyond me...

with the reasons stated, i can understand better...but hey my future boss will have to meet me all sweaty..lol

Mel's Mom said...

You're hilarious! Some of your reasons are very good...some, I'm not totally agreeing with. But that's OK! :)

I get SUPER flushed when I work-out, so make or not...I still look like totally road kill.

Maybe that'll be my new reason to not visit the gym...I don't want to wear make-up.

Thanks for the wonderful Friday read!

PS I love the new look!


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